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Wake Boating Tips for Beginners

Updated: May 11, 2021

We learned the hard and expensive way when we were new boat owners. We have some simple rules that keep our boat safe and looking good for years to come.

Our Boating Rules

1. No shoes, ever. As guests get on your boat from the dock or before putting the boat in the water have them remove their shoes beforehand. I keep ours under a certain seat so they are all contained together and help with organization, or throw them in a netted bag.

2. No glass, have you ever broke a glass in your kitchen and you find shards of glass for months after? Not a good idea on a boat. Glass bottle drinks are heavier and when glass gets hot it breaks easier, even after its thrown away it can break in the garbage causing a mess or cutting someone emptying the trash.

3. No messy snacks or drinks, we’ve become more relaxed with this rule as our kids have gotten older but especially when you have little fingers aboard, orange cheetos and red fruit punch can be a nightmare to clean up. Chocolate is also one that doesn’t travel well boating, and failed attempts at keeping it in the cooler just result in wet chocolate. Treat yourself to the messy snacks on land.

4. No pushing people in, I had the same rule at my pool. I know it sounds fun but when you catch someone off guard they can get hurt and you can too as they grab at you to not fall in.

*Not really a rule or something you can control but be aware that if someone has recently dyed their hair an amazing color or got a spray tan to look fabulous on the boat it can bleed onto your seats and stain them. Politely wipe off stains while still fresh or hand them a towel to sit on.

boating rules

Let guests know the ‘rules’ before they join you for a day on the water, it avoids embarrassment as they bring their glass bottle drinks, cheetos and chocolate aboard and lets everyone have a great day boating!

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