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Boat Appetit

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Surf, eat, repeat! After a good wakesurfing session you want to be prepared to feed your hungry surfers on your boat, as we know no one likes a hangry crew! For years I used a two gallon ziploc bag (that had to be replaced after a few uses) I kept a roll of paper towels, a few paper plates, a couple plastic knives, forks, and spoons. After forgetting to restock it a couple of times, I came up with Boat Appetit, your all-in-one dining kit for your boat. Boat Appetit, comes with two plastic durable reusable plates with rounded edges (to catch crumbs from getting all over the boat). One set of reusable plastic utensils, knife, fork, spoon, and case. One roll of paper towels to wrap up sandwiches, and clean up messes. One container of hand sanitizing wipes to clean up hands, faces, and any extra spills or messes. It comes in a convenient waterproof PVC tote that you can keep on your boat or throw in your lunch bag. Boat Appetit, also makes a great gift for fellow boat owners since we all like to keep our boats organized and ready to go!

We are lucky enough to spend enough lunchtimes on our boat that we have tired of the same old ham/turkey and cheese sandwiches. Lately our wakesurfers have been liking chicken salad croissants. I make a recipe similar to Costco's pre-made chicken salad (I have to buy two when we are boating to feed our family and friends so it is easier to make). I do recommend getting your croissants at Costco though, they are a great deal at $4.99 for a dozen and are always so flakey, buttery and fresh. You can also grab a couple of the rotisserie chickens and use your hand mixer to shred the chicken, if you don't have time to cook it. I also really enjoy the salad just on a bib of lettuce you can really taste all the flavors that way. I try and bring some type of fruit, grapes, cut up watermelon (careful on your seats, it stains), or apples, and of course potato chips.

What does your boat crew like to eat for lunch?


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