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'The Caribbean of the Rockies', Bear Lake

Updated: May 11, 2021

Last August we finally had the pleasure of visiting, Bear Lake also known as 'The Caribbean of the Rockies'. I made a trip there last January to run in the Bear Lake Monster 5k, which was beautiful but did not showcase the crystal blue water in the lake like it does in the summer. Doing the 5k in the winter passes the time until we can be boating on the lake again, I highly recommend it. There were lots of fun activities throughout the weekend, I missed out on the polar plunge but would definitely do it next time!

Where to Stay in Bear Lake

Both times I visited I stayed at, Water's Edge Resort. We usually camp when we are boating so this was an extra luxury to stay at such a nice place! From the impeccable furnishings and large living spaces, the boat parking and harbor being only 5 minutes away, The Spa at Water's Edge, Bear Lake Surf Club shop, and delicious restaurant, Cody’s Gastro Garage, below the condos, it was an ideal place to stay. Northern Utah was affected by surrounding fires in the area and had a haze of smoke in the air, and we still couldn’t believe how beautiful the water was.

Bear Lake Boating Tips

It was so mesmerizing I had to research why it is so blue and found out it it is from microscopic particles of calcium carbonate that reflect the waters natural turquoise-blue color back to the surface. Visiting later in the summer made the water temperature enjoyable, we had been warned that the water was colder there than what we are used to. The boat ramp was crowed, but manageable and has overflow parking across the highway. Once we got out of the harbor and towards the middle of the lake we were by ourselves. I will caution you that Bear Lake can have high winds and storms that come in quickly being at a higher altitude (5,923’), there are no places for shelter on the lake and it is best to get off when you see a storm approaching. Luckily we had very little wind and lots of room to surf. We boated the coastline and checked out the surroundings. There are lots of big homes for family reunions, camp spots, and beach access depending on what side of the lake you are on. It made such a good impression on us we already have planned a trip for this summer. I’m just sad it took us this long to visit, The Caribbean of the Rockies! Don't wait to book your trip there the places fill up fast, camping, houses and The Water's Edge Resort!

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