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Boat Essentials for New Wakesurfers

Updated: May 11, 2021

First of all congratulations on your boat! I grew up boating and being able to enjoy it with our family and friends is so much fun! When you're just getting started boating or wakesurfing, it can be hard to know all of the little items you might need out on the water. I've put together this list to save you the time of having to think of all of these boating essentials.

Boat Essentials

Aside from what the US Coast Guard requires you to have, here are some things you don’t want to be on your boat without:

1. First aid kit: I would also include chewable pepto and ibuprofen (nothing makes a day on the boat longer than an upset stomach or headache).

2. Sunscreen: We don’t do spray sunscreen on our boat it gets all over and usually not on the person applying it. If someone brings spray sunscreen and only wants to use that I ask

them to stand on the back of the boat.

3. Water jugs and hydroflasks: I no longer do water bottles on our boat (I do keep a couple as back up). I get the 1 gallon bottles (you can freeze a couple and keep in the cooler and use when melted) and have everyone bring their own hydro/water container. It keeps your water cold and no more half drank water bottles and extra trash laying around the boat.

4. Garbage can and sacks: Some boats are starting to have these built in but ours doesn’t. We found a storage container that fit the best under one of the seats. I keep the extra garbage sacks under the garbage so they are easy to replace once you empty it.

5. Comb/brush and hair elastics: I also like hair oil too and if you have girls always a few back up tampons, with out fail someone ends up needing them at some point.

6. Umbrella: One was left on our boat a few years ago and it has came in handy more than once, sun coverage or putting the boat on the trailer in a rain storm.

7. Rain coat: Storms can move through very quickly when you are on water, it is something we use at least once a season.

8. Snorkel mask: If you don’t ever end up using this that’s a good thing but it definitely makes your life easier if you do need to. As much as you can avoid running over ropes or things under the surface of the water.

boating essentials

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